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What are these templates going to do for me?

The Salon ads, templates and flyers have been designed for one purpose,  to get you more focused clients into your business. Each template has been used by at least one if not hundreds of Salons around the world and are proven to work.

What happens once I invest in a template, not just how to adjust it but how to implement?

Once you click the buy now button and enter your credit card or Paypal details and check out you will be sent to a ‘thank you’ page with the video of how to adjust your template with Word.  If you do not have Word then you can use Open Office for free.  You will then be sent an email with your purchase details and your purchase from (please do not try to reply to that email address, it goes nowhere.  If you need to contact us use the form on the front of the site and we will reply to you within 2 business days.

How long will it take to work?

You can invest in a template, edit it in a few minutes and then print and use straight away.  For in salon promotions that could mean you are getting extra business today.  If you need the printing sent, then as soon as you can get it to the post office and delivered.  Many salon owners have downloaded, edited, printed and delivered a template on a Monday, when their salon is closed, and picked up business the next day. Some have emailed them the same day and got business the same day.  Others have used them again and again and got business for years with little further change.

How often can I use it?

Use the Templates as often as you can, obviously if it’s a Mother’s Day one its once a year, but with a big spike in business.  If it is a new client offer every time you can.
NOTE: You, the business owner, and your staff will get bored with your marketing long before your clients tire of it. The time to change it is when it stops working, not when you tire of it.

How often should I use it?

Use the Templates as often as you can, obviously if it’s a Mother’s day one its once a year, but with a big spike in business.  If it is a new client offer every time you can.
Who else used it and what happened to them?
Where we have specific examples of where a salon owner has got back to us with specific  verifiable results we endeavour to use them on the site.  We do offer very good incentives to our clients to do this – so if you get good results from a Template let us know on However, often salons do not like to shout out about how well these things work or they tell us but tell us they want the results kept private. Therefore we do not have examples for every template.  What we can say is that they are all proven.

What happens if I buy it and don’t use it?

If you buy a Template but decided not to use it there is no return policy.  Once you press the complete button the transaction is complete. You cannot resell the ads, flyers or templates.

What happens if I do not get it on a download?

If the product does not download there is a 99.9% chance that the issue is with your IT set up.  The technology we use is used by the World’s Best and Biggest online marketing organisations.  However, things can go wrong, if you have checked the following – spam filters, ISP download blockers, Junk file in Outlook and make double sure to put the right email in! Then do contact us on the Contact Form on the front page of

If I buy it will you keep pestering me?

If you buy a product from Worldwide Salon Marketing we will update you on other offers, products and invite you to join us on  We will normally do this via email.  If at anytime you wish to stop receiving correspondence from us all you need to do is click the opt out link at the bottom of the emails we send you and you will be blocked from receiving email from us ever again. We do keep your record in our system for normal Tax and Government reporting but we never sell or send your data to anybody outside of our organisation.  For further details please see our policy document at the bottom of the webstore.

If I buy this and want to buy a package do I get a credit? (Try before you buy)

If you buy one or more of our products and services and wish to then join our Salon Accelerator or Premium level we will look to credit all or part your purchases from us. This is a case by case basis and is dependant on time.  Generally if you purchase a template and join a higher program within three months and stay in that program over a year you will receive a 100% credit.

What if I don’t have Word?

If you do not own Word you can edit the Templates using Open Office.  Please note we do not provide technical support for Open Office.

What if I’m not good at computers?

If you do not feel you have the skills to edit these templates please do not buy them.  Generally if you can open, edit and print a Word document then you have the skills needed to use these template.  We’ve done all the hard yards in terms of hard working copy for you.  In most cases all you have to do is change/enter in your phone Number, pricing and address.

What if I want to contact you?

If you wish to contact use please use the form on the front of the website and allow 24 working hours for us to respond.

I’ve lost the file, my computer was stolen, can I get it back again?

If you lose your file and your download file email  please contact us using the form on the front of the website and allow 24 working hours for us to respond.

How secure is my credit card information?

Your credit card information is fully encrypted using 128bit encryption.  We are not able to view your credit card number in our system, we only get the last 4 digits.  The server we use is fully 128 bit secure.

Why should I buy this from you?

Worldwide Salon Marketing has for 8 years been the industry’s leading developer of direct respnse marketing  ads, templates and online and offline marketing coaching programs. More than 4,000 salons & spas have enrolled in our programs. See their testimonials on

Can I buy it anywhere else?

Our ads, flyers and templates are currently only available on this store.

Can I resell it if I like it?

You cannot download our templates and resell them.  All copyrights are protected and we do enforce these.
You can currently join our list of interested affiliates.  At this stage we are not offering affiliate positions but if you would like to join with an Expression Of Interest  please fill in the form on the front of the store with the  subject of AFFILIATE.  We will get back to you as soon as we launch this program later in 2012.